Kaidi Kõiv-Noode


I have graduated from the Department of Psychology of Tallinn University with a master’s degree in clinical psychology. In my research at university, I focused on the topic of eating and health behavior.
After graduating from my master’s studies, I have completed several courses and refresher courses.
I can use several of them in my daily work:
-Introduction to cognitive-behavioural therapy
– Introduction to Family Psychology and Family Therapy
-In-service training in occupational psychology
– Motivational Interviewing Introductory Course
Professionally, I consider it important to keep abreast of new discoveries in the scientific landscape of psychology and to integrate them into my work.

In my free time, I spend as much time as possible hiking in nature and feeding my spirit with literature and cinematography. Since my work requires a lot of mental resources, physical activity is a great balancer after an intense day at work.

Tallinn University
Estonian, English