Psychotherapy is a psychological intervention carried out by a trained mental health specialist. There are different types of psychotherapy, at the Mental Health Center we offer cognitive-behavioral therapy and family therapy, which are evidence-based and recognized interventions. 

If you don’t know what kind of intervention you need, don’t worry – our specialists will help you to decide on the first visit which treatment would be most appropriate for your problems!

Cognitive-behavioral therapy is a relatively short-term, clear outcome-oriented intervention. Its purpose is to give the client proper knowledge and teach necessary skills so that the client could become their own therapist over time, thanks to which the risk of relapse is also lower.
Cognitive-behavioral therapy is one of the most scientifically proven therapeutic interventions in the world and is used effectively to treat almost all mental health problems.

Our specialists: Dagmar Ainsoo, Janika Kersten

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Family therapy focuses on family and couple relationships, solving difficulties in them and improving overall relationships. Family therapy helps to understand the needs and perceptions of loved ones, to express one’s thoughts and feelings in a safe and controlled space, to create changes in oneself and one’s relationships.
You can go to family therapy as a couple, with children, or alone.

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