Dear entrepreneur!

Good mental health in the work environment is largely in the hands of your company and we can help to map/evaluate it.
We approach each company individually based on your needs and current situation. With our help, people’s awareness of mental health increases and, if necessary, they are able to help themselves and notice mental health problems in their loved ones as well. For you, this is a helpful measure to increase productivity and performance.

By working with us you can:

  • use a survey to map the mental health situation among your staff;
  • ensure that every employee visits a psychologist two or three times a year if necessary;
  • get exciting and versatile lectures on mental health topics. The topics of the lectures are based on the needs of your company and the wishes of your employees;  
  • we help your company develop a mental health support strategy that meets the needs of its employees. For this purpose, we involve specialists in our field, the company’s management, and employees.


If you want to raise mental health awareness among employees, improve self-help skills, and create a work environment that supports mental health, the relevant activities must be planned, consistent, and measurable by the company.

The Mental Health Centre is here to help and support you in all these activities!


Be sure to ask for an offer or additional information!