Who is a psychologist?

A psychologist is a specialist who helps to prevent mental health problems, supports psychological well-being and self-fulfilment, and provides psychological counselling. A psychologist deals with social, emotional, developmental, personality, educational, and professional issues and health-related matters. A psychologist is often consulted if a person needs help in coping with stress, relationship crises, or everyday problems.  


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What is an initial appointment with a psychologist?

The first appointment of a psychologist is to get acquainted with the client, map problems and establish trusting contact. If good contact has been achieved and the person is ready to start therapy, the following action plan will be agreed upon.

What is a repeated appointment with a psychologist?

Gradual implementation of the action plan mapped at the first meeting.

What is a remote appointment with a psychologist?

Getting to know the client, mapping problems and creating an action plan via the web. To conduct an appointment, the psychologist will send a link through which the meeting will take place.

What is a counseling via email?

For faster and simpler questions, you can write to the psychologist to get the desired help or further instructions for action.

What is an initial appointment with an occupational psychologist?

An occupational psychologist is consulted primarily in a situation where there are concerns about one’s own ability to work or there are other work-related problems that make it difficult to function at work. At the first meeting, a trusting relationship is established with the client, problems are mapped and an action plan is set.

What is a nutrition therapy?

At each stage of development of human lifeI, food plays a huge role. A balanced and varied diet is important for the development of mental and physical health, the proper functioning of nervous and other organ systems. At the same time, nutrition therapy is an activity that prevents diseases, supports treatment and prevents relapses. During nutritional therapy, diseases are not diagnosed and the client is not treated. The therapy is based on valid Estonian food and nutrition recommendations, which have been prepared on the basis of evidence-based materials.Nutrition therapy is focused on changing the diet and with it, in turn, aimed at supporting health and well-being, preventing and improving diseases.

What is a family and couples therapy?

Couples and family therapy deals with problems that have arisen in relationships between close people.