Mihhail Beljajev

Clinical psychologist

Clinic psychologist 7 level and Clinician child psychologist 7 level.

I am engaged in conducting research for people from the age of 6 yrs. (learning difficulties, ATH, autism spectrum disorders, dementia, personality disorder
differential diagnostics, etc.). I have completed basic training in systemic family therapy, dialectical behavioral therapy
training for people with psychotrauma, complex trauma, borderline personality disorder and dysregulation of emotions.
I also took an initial course in cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy and forensic expert training. As a specialist, I also deal with the topic of transsexuality, gender identity.
In addition, I am open to offers of all kinds of training in the field of mental health (lectures/seminars/workshops). Special interest in conducting health promotion trainings and health campaigns.

There is experience of successful cooperation with the following organizations: National Institute for Health Development, Ministry of Justice, Estonian Children and Young People’s Diabetes Association, Tallinn Education Department, PERH, Rajaleidja, MTÜ Peaasjad, Töötukassa, Victim Support, ETV+, Postimees, etc.

University of Tartu
Estonian, English, Russian