Viivika Salusi


I graduated from Tallinn Pedagogical Institute with a degree in psychology and pedagogy. I have a master’s degree in psychology and pedagogy. I have completed an additional speciality at the University of Tartu on the basis of a master’s degree to support students with special educational needs in the learning process and have completed a course on basic knowledge in clinical psychology at the University of Tartu. In addition, I have completed a course on violence against women and domestic violence to prevent and assist those in need. I am focused on advising, supporting and helping children, adolescents and their parents in need and other members of the support network. I have long-term work experience as a psychologist and have worked for a long time as a counselor for children and adolescents with special needs and as a trainer for a support network. I am empathetic, calm and have a positive outlook on life. I am proud of all my collaborators who have regained the confidence they have lost in the meantime and have found substance and meaning in their lives. That’s what makes me happy. In my free time, I go for walks in nature, I am engaged in crafts and solving crossword puzzles. I love spending time with my loved ones and traveling in hitherto undiscovered places.

Tallinn University
Estonian, Russian